Since 1969, we have been committed to helping orphaned and abandoned children, and the poor, disadvantages, and least served of society. We support the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) homes in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the St. Luke mission in Haiti.

Our History

It was in February of 1968 that Polly and I first met Father Wasson and his orphaned children in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The children numbered 600 at the time. We were so impressed by the happiness and contentment of the children that we knew the Padre has to be doing something right. It was at that time that we joined the NPH Family. Recently, on a visit to NPH Nicaragua, we met the new generation of children who likewise were happy and content as they made their way off to school. Can you help us keep faith with these young people? They are the very ones who will soon take their place in society, taking with them the Christian values they learned at NPH.

Our Grantees

NPH Bolivia

NPH Guatemala

NPH Mexico

NPH Dominican Republic

NPH Haiti

NPH Nicaragua

NPH El Salvador

NPH Honduras

NPH Peru